Charles – Edouard Jeanneret dit Le Corbusier (1887-1965)

Sketch layer for the design of the “speaker” of the Assembly Building
Original layer:
The original of this print is a drawing on sktech layer executed at Le Corbusier’s workshop in April 28th 1960
Drawing support:
Heliographic print, of the sketch above , on vellum paper , bears the ink stamp of Le Corbusier’s trip date April 15th – May 15th 1960, on the bottom right side
Visually 9,61 x 19,72 in.
This drawing is part of studies on the interior design of the ” speaker” entrance , 2 additional ones are referenced under n° 3714 and 21118 in the Le Corbusier ‘s foundation inventory.
Intervention personnelle de Le Corbusier
This print has been widely enhanced with colored pencils by Le Corbusier