Pierre Jeanneret

(1896 – 1967)

Pierre Jeanneret, a young graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva, arrived in Paris in 1921 where he soon became the closest collaborator of his cousin Le Corbusier. The duo quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their new type of architecture, which broke with a past perceived as archaic. These architects, inventors of the modernist movement, were responsible for some famous creations, including the Villa Roche (1923) and the Villa Savoye (1929); the Swiss Pavilion at the Cité Universitaire in Paris (1931); the Cité Refuge in Paris (1932); the project for a Palace of the Soviets in Moscow (1932); a vast Urban Plan for Algiers, and the incredible futuristic project for Paris known as the “Plan Voisin de Paris” (1925). Pierre Jeanneret joined the UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes) in 1930 and never stopped defending the modernist doctrine until his death in 1967, which he applied as much in the prefabricated pavilions developed with Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé at the end of the 1930s as during the war, as in the hundreds of public buildings and houses he built in India in the latter part of his life (1951-1967). Pierre Jeanneret is also famous in furniture, starting with the line of modern furniture intended for the “equipment of the home”, which he presented at the Salon d’Automne in 1929 with Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand (who joined the workshop in 1928), and which made a big splash, acquiring a celebrity that has never been denied (Basculant chair No. 301, chaise longue B306, club chair Grand Confort LC2, not to mention the swivel chair and stool made of tubular steel.


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  • Charlotte Perriand /
  • Pierre Jeanneret
Ca. 1947
  • Charlotte Perriand /
  • Pierre Jeanneret
Ca. 1949
  • Pierre Jeanneret
Ca. 1955-1960
  • Charlotte Perriand /
  • Pierre Jeanneret /
  • Le Corbusier
Ca. 1930
  • Pierre Jeanneret


Ca. 1955
  • Pierre Jeanneret
Inquiry: Armchair

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