Pucci de Rossi

(1947 – 2013)

Pucci de Rossi was born in Italy in 1947. Pucci de Rossi lived and worked in Paris from 1979 until his death. A student of the American sculptor H.B. Walker, Pucci de Rossi began his artistic activity in 1971. He mainly uses cut, assembled or welded metal and then works with wood. He is a sculptor of ideas, forms and materials that he transmutes into everyday objects with imagination and humor. Of purely formal appearance, full of irony, playing with detour and discrepancy, his creations are nonetheless perfectly functional and useful objects. Calling himself a false designer, he alternates between the functional and the sculptural, dodging the debate that arose in the 1990s around the (still current) art-design controversy. After various formal research with different techniques and materials, Pucci’s recent work now takes into account a certain social reality. While refusing the role of the political, sociological or scientific artist, Pucci tries to flesh out his work according to the aesthetic criteria of his Italian background.he died on July 4th 2013.


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